Corrugated Galvanized Iron Sheet

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The Corrugated Galvanized Iron sheets are made of thin metal sheets, corrugations such as wave or fold increases strength and stiffness of sheet material, without this wave the sheet have the less load-bearing capacity and highly deformable. The corrugated Galvanized iron sheet is made of mild steel which is then galvanized to increase the resistance against corrosion and increase the durability of the material.

Criteria of CGI sheet

CGI sheet Dimensions

dimension of corrugated sheet

Corrugated Galvanized Aluminium Sheet

Galvanization or coating

 The corrugated sheet is dipped in a molten zinc bath, as hot-dip galvanizing process.   The durability of the steel sheet is depended mainly on the zinc coating thickness deposited on the surface of the steel sheet but also on galvanizing employed.

Corrugated galvanized iron sheet(CGI) is a well-known material available in a wide range and at low costs.CGI is the most common name of corrugated galvanized iron sheet. The quality of the CGI sheet may vary from region to region. So should be aware of the performance criteria to meet the specification, which requires a certain level of expertise.

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