Galvanized Iron Profile Sheet in Africa

Galvanized iron profile sheets have been successfully used for decades in various industries, the primary one among them being in construction industries in applications which include roofing, support beams, braces for walls, and piping construction projects. It is also highly popular in marine applications as unlike other materials these do not corrode or deteriorate.

GI Profile Sheet Characteristics

The GI profile sheet is covered with a uniform zinc-plated layer to prevent corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel or iron thus providing protection against corrosion. Even if the base layer is exposed due to surface damage, the zinc coating surrounding the damaged area continues to protect the layer from corrosion. The galvanized surface is smooth and uniform and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The quality of the base iron, the amount and composition of the zinc coating are all specifically designed to provide optimum performance for each application. Depending on its intended use, chemical conversion coatings are applied on GI sheets after galvanizing to provide added protection to corrosion and also to ensure proper paint adhesion.
Galvanized iron profile sheets come in varying thickness and specifications to meet the different application requirements. They are available with reputed local dealers and suppliers of roofing materials.The benefits that come with using galvanized iron profile sheets in varying applications.
The advantages of using galvanized iron (GI) profile sheets are many and include:

  • GI profile sheets are inexpensive
  • They can be reused and recycled and are therefore ideal for green projects
  • The zinc coating on these sheets act as a continuous and lasting shield between the base metal and the
    atmosphere, thus enabling it to withstand extreme temperatures
  • The profile sheets are durable, resistant to corrosion and require minimal maintenance and are
    therefore cost-effective in the long term
  • The galvanized coating offers superior resistance to abrasion and water
  • It also offers great resistance to mechanical damage in transport, during erection and when in use.

Factors to be considered when selecting galvanized iron profile sheets

It is necessary to consider a few factors before selecting GI sheets for optimum and long lasting performance in any application. These include:

  • Whether the sheets are intended for outdoor or indoor use
  • Will it require painting?
  • What characteristics of the GI sheet are required for the application, for e.g., workability,
    weldablity, high resistance to corrosion, etc?

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