Teltonika Dubai UAE

Teltonika Dubai UAE

With Teltonika GPS Tracker Car is tracked accurately, powerfully  and with pinpoint accuracy where you car is at any time. That will help give you peace of mind, as it’s suitable for both personal and business uses.

Teltonika vehicle tracking system is even more versatile than most GPS trackers. Not only is it an effective vehicle tracker, but the tracking system is also great at helping you keep tabs on and help monitor your smaller or bigger fleets, to ensure your vehicles are where they should be, when they should be there.

Powerful car tracking system is suitable for both your personal use, as well as for many great business purposes.

  • Geo-fencing alerts: get on-time alerts to when users are entering or leaving pre-defined zones, such as a school, place of work, home, or any other area you designate
  • driving behavior: discover if the user is speeding or participating in other bad driving behaviors, and help correct it by presenting them with the proper information
  • fuel monitoring: you can also use this GPS vehicle tracking software to see how much fuel is being used and how much is left, helping you to prepare for your trips better
  • added sensors: with extra sensors, you can enable the Teltonika tracking system to extend all of its already incredible feature-list, including adding camera sensors, alarms and more
  • history and reports: this powerful GPS tracking system will allow you to view history and reports, which is great for business use and private use as well


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