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Corrugated GI Sheets

Corrugated Sheet UAE

We are the suppliers of Corrugated GI Sheet or Corrugated Galvanized Iron Sheet. It carries corrugated galvanized iron panels for roofing, fencing, and decoration. These corrugated panels are made of rippled metal sheets, one of the most commonly used panels in the industry. Corrugated sheet metal is a tough material, light weight, weather resistant, and…

GI Corrugated Sheet – Burhani Oasis Enterprise LLC

Corrugated Sheet UAE

We are the suppliers of GI Corrugated Sheet,  Aluminium Corrugated Sheet, Profile Sheets, Roofing Sheet, Fencing Sheets in Dubai, UAE Advantages of GI Corrugated Sheet high strength strong soundness well rainproof performance good corrosion resistance long life span Major features of GI Corrugated Sheet are listed as follows: Light in weight, high intensity, huge loading…