Teltonika FMB920 in Senegal

Many business organizations in Senegal own fleets of varied forms of vehicles. Corporations embrace security companies, supply operators, rent-a-car firms, taxi operators, transport firms, etc. The economic and safe operation of the fleet is crucial to the effective operation of the business. Period of time chase of vehicles helps fleet homeowners within the UAE to collect info of the standing of each of the vehicles within the fleet. The data gathered of a specific vehicle includes its location, running condition, speed, etc.
The chase is achieved by fixing an honest quality and sturdy chase device within the vehicle that collects knowledge of and concerning the vehicle. Teltonika FMB920 may be a compact and lightweight, however terribly refined vehicle chase device that’s fit in several vehicles of fleet homeowners in Senegal. It collects knowledge from remote locations wherever the vehicle during which it’s fitted is at a given time. The information is transmitted via wireless communication protocols like GSM, GNSS, etc. the information is received at the central watching station. This knowledge is endlessly analyzed to watch the performance of the vehicles within the fleet.

Teltonika FMB920 has the following provisions:

  • Integrated battery backup
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internal high gain GSM and GNSS antenna
  • Micro SD card
  • Ultra-small case
  • IP54 protection

One of the options of the Teltonika FMB920 is wise crash detection practicality. The device detects crashes and transmits alerts. This allows the management centre to reply straight away and acquire the necessary facilities to the crash web site. This feature greatly enhances the standard responses to accidents and helps in saving lives. A wide sort of accessories is often interfaced with Teltonika FMB920.
These include:

  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors
  • Analogue fuel sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Relays
  • Alarm buttons
  • Indication lamps
  • Buzzers

Teltonika FMB920 is created in compliance with ISO 9001 standards and is additionally RoHS compliant. Titanic may be a world leader in developing merchandise for vehicle and other person’s pursuit. The company is headquartered in Lithuania with offices worldwide.

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