Teltonika RUT950 Router in Senegal

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Businesses within Senegal operate in extremely automatic environments. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication in real time between remote locations and therefore the central management station is crucial to the effective operation of the business processes. Several businesses like oil corporations and power plants operate facilities in terribly remote locations. Web property is established in such remote locations victimization 4G routers as conveyance wired property isn’t a viable proposition.
Teltonika RUT950 LTE 4G router could be a cost-efficient answer for conveyance high-speed web property to a foreign location. It’s the popular router answer for remote watching and management of facilities and instrumentality. This router finds wide application within Senegal.

Teltonika RUT950 router in Senegal


  • Teltonika RUT950 is an embedded 4G router. The one embedded LTE 4G module provide high-speed speed 4G property and might conjointly connect over 3G and 2G networks just in case 4G networks aren’t out there.
  • Teltonika RUT950 comes with 2 SIM card slots. The first SIM card is placed in slot A. The Secondary SIM card is placed in slot B. The association is generally established by the first SIM card. Just in case there square measure property problems with this card, the association mechanically switches over to the secondary SIM card. The twin SIM card feature makes this router ideal for important M2M remote observance and management applications.
  • Teltonika RUT950 has 2 cellular antennas and 2 WLAN antennas. The cellular antennas are comfortable to receive signals once network strength is adequate. However, just in case the signal strength is poor, the router has provisions for disconnecting these cellular antennas and connecting external high-gain out of door antenna that may receive signals from close transmittal stations.
  • Teltonika RUT950 has four local area network ports. The router is often gotten wind of and operated to supply web property through area network/LAN computer network and over the WLAN to the instrumentation and devices that are being operated in a very remote facility. These embody personal computers, mobile devices, plant and machinery, etc.
  • Teltonika RUT950 has strong safety features engineered into it to produce secure property solutions for M2M communication in extremely advanced and automatic business processes.

Teltonika RUT950 finds application in a wide variety of facilities. These include:

  • Vending machines and Bank ATMs
  • Public transport vehicles for tracking, digital payment, security, etc.
  • Commercial fleets for real time tracking and management of vehicles
  • Public services like police and medical emergency service providers
  • Power plants and other utility service providers
  • Connectivity solutions for power grids, smart cities, traffic control, etc.
  • Construction sites
  • Small businesses and homes without wired internet connectivity
  • Courier and delivery services
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Media and digital signage solutions

Teltonika is a world-leader in developing products for vehicle and people tracking and remote and flexible internet connectivity.
Burhani Oasis is the exclusive distributor of Teltonika Router RUT950 products in Senegal.
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