Aluminium Plain Sheet

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Burhani Oasis Enterprise is the Aluminium Sheet suppliers in Dubai UAE.

Product Details

Aluminium Sheet surface is smooth, rust proof, and anti corrosion. It is widely used in construction due to its tremendous impact bearing strength, ideal thickness and prolonged performance.

It is good for General Fabrication, Welding, Painting and Printing. In factory manufacturers are creating top-of-the-line aluminium metal with best processing techniques. In order to get the job done for engineering & construction industries. It is easier to cut, shape and weld due to its flexibility.


Aluminium plain sheet

Aluminium sheet comes in size 4′ x 8′ &

Thickness as below

0.65 mm
0.85 mm
1.10 mm
1.40 mm



It is used in many applications not limited to following
Alloy Application field
1xxx 1050 Insulation, food industry, decoration, lamp, traffic signs etc.
1060 Fan blade, Lamps and lanterns, Capacitor shell, Auto parts, Welding parts etc
1070 Capacitor, Rear panel of vehicle refrigerator, charging point, heat sink etc
1100 Cooker, building material, printing, heat exchanger, bottle cap etc
2xxx 2A12 2024 Aircraft structures, rivets, aviation, machinery, missile components, the card wheel hub, propeller components, aerospace parts, car parts and various other structural parts.
3xxx 3003 3004
3005 3105
Aluminum curtain wall panel, aluminum Ceiling, Electric cooker bottom, TV LCD backboard, storage tank, curtain wall, building construction panel heat sink, billboard.
Industrial floor, air conditioning, refrigerators radiators, Make-up board, Prefabricated house etc
5xxx 5052 Marine and transportation material, railway carriage’s inner and outer cabinet, oil and chemical industry storage device, equipment and medical device panel etc.
5005 Marine applications, bodies of boats, buses, trucks and trailer. Curtain wall panel.
5086 Ship board, deck, bottom and edge panel etc.
5083 Tanker, oil storage tank, drilling platform, ship board, deck, bottom, welded parts and edge panel, railway carriage ‘s board, automotive and aircraft panel, cooling device and automotive molding etc.
5754 Tanker body, marine facilities, pressure container, transportation etc.
6xxx 6061
Railway inside and outside parts, board and bed plate.
Industry molding
6063 Auto parts, architectural fabrication, window and door frames, aluminum furniture, electronic components and various consumer durable products.
7xxx 7005 Truss, rod/bar and the container in transportation vehicles; Large-sized heat ex changers
7050 Molding (bottles) mode, ultrasonic plastic welding mold, golf head, shoe mold, paper and plastic molding, foam molding, lost wax mold, templates, fixtures, machinery and equipment
7075 Aerospace industry, military industry, electronic etc


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