Fire Resistance Sandwich Panel

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Burhani Oasis are the largest Fire Resistance PIR Sandwich Panel supplier UAE, Dubai for roofing and Wall Cladding.

We can supply PIR GI Sandwich Panel and Fire Resistance Aluminium Sandwich panel in any size and thickness having insulation 50mm and 75mm PIR Foam. These Sandwich panel are high density Insulation Foam 50 mm & 70 mm foam. Our PIR Sandwich Panel are Dubai Civil Defense and Dubai Municipality approved insulation for fire safety. Our Insulated Sandwich Panel  were found in conformity with the standard specification:

2018 UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice

PIR Sandwich panel suppliers in UAE PIR Wall Sandwich panel suppliers in UAE


Fire Properties when tested against EN13501-1 and ASTM D1929 complies with the pass criteria of B-S1-d0-and self-ignition temperature of not less than 343C respectively as specified in the UAE Fire Life and Safety Code of Practice.

Guide to choosing the right Fire Resistance PIR sandwich panel in UAE

PIR GI Sandwich panel are one of the most economical insulation solutions, with greater durability, shorter installation time, less need for maintenance and greater capacity for acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, they can be adapted to all building needs and typologies, with different types of panels for each case.

Types of panels according to the application

Wall Sandwich panels for facades

The variety of finishes of sandwich panels make them a very popular choice for facades. In addition to other advantages are their lightness, modularity and high insulation performance.

This type of panel finds its main application in insulating facades and walls, as well as interior walls. They are suitable for industrial buildings, sports centres, residential and public buildings.

Usage Areas of PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels: 

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Cold Storages
  • Residential Buildings
  • Power Plants
  • Agricultural and Husbandry Buildings

Refrigeration panels

The PIR sandwich panels also insulate temperature-controlled spaces, such as cold rooms or freezers. In these cases, the types of sandwich panels used are thicker in order to withstand very low temperatures. They offer optimum insulation and are easy to install.

Characteristics and properties of PIR Fire Resistance sandwich panel

This modular and prefabricated insulation system stands out for its lightness, making installation one of its great advantages, as it is quick and easy. Likewise, the sandwich panel can be customized in terms of size, thickness and finishes

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