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We are the exporters and PIR Sandwich panel supplier in UAE. PIR wall Panel (Polyisocyanurate sandwich panel) has a Fire Retardant core with thick metal sheets on either side.

The rigid polyurethane foam core provides excellent thermal insulation for buildings. This comes from the excellent thermal conductivity coefficient, λ = 0.022 (available with PIR-core sandwich panels), unparalleled by any mineral wool or EPS sandwich panel. The overall solution from Balex Metal can be less expensive than mineral wool sandwich panels, by some 40-60%.

GI sandwich panels are manufactured with superior protective coating which prevents corrosion.

pir sandwich panel supplier uae


Flame Resistance Properties:

One of the most major difference between PU and PIR rigid foam in sandwich panel is in the
flame resistance characteristic. PU foam is known for its limited fire resistibility, PU sandwich
panel is normally produced with B2 and B3 fire classification of building materials:

Class B: Combustible materials (such as textiles, furniture and other interior)
– B1 Class: Flame Retardant
– Class B2: Normal Flammability
– Class B3: Easily Flammable (not usable in industrial Buildings)

On the other hand, PIR slows the spread of flames and reduces the smoke emitted from the
fire when compared to PU products. Generally, PIR sandwich panels have excellent fire
performance, reduced combustibility, and higher working temperature limits compared to
PU. PIR sandwich panels is produced with B1 fire classification of building material. Indeed,
PIR sandwich panels pass compulsory fire tests without the addition of external flame

Production Differences:

For production of PIR sandwich panel with sandwich panel production line, same poly as PU
sandwich panel cannot be used. The poly used in metering machine has to be specifically
manufactured for PIR foam. In the production of PIR sandwich panel, the proportion of MDI
is higher, and instead of polyols on ethers, a polyether polyol is used in the reaction. The
catalysts and additives used to produce PIR are also different from those used in PUR.
Furthermore, heating in double belt of sandwich panel production line will be higher in PIR
sandwich panel. Double belt in the production of PIR sandwich panel line will reach around
60 centigrade while for PU sandwich panel it will be around 40 centigrade.

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