3M Tape

Suppliers & Exporters in Dubai of 3M Electrical Tape.

  • 3M Temflex Vinyl Electrical Tape for General Use

  • 3M Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape Professional Grade

Type of 3M Tapes

  • 3M Scotch 88
    3M Scotch 33+
    3M Scotch 35
    3M Scotch 23
    3M Temflex 1500
    3M Products
    Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C


Burhani Oasis Enterprise is the exporter and supplier for all types of 3M Electrical Tape in Dubai UAE

Product Details

3M Temflex Vinyl Electrical Tape for General Use

3M Tape with basic electrical protection and improved durability for everyday jobs. You need a durable tape that sticks well. Vinyl electrical tape is primarily made of two components: Vinyl Film Backing and Adhesive is stronger and the stronger film allows you to wrap your cables and connections with firm tension for a tight wrap, yielding excellent seal and protection.

Professional Grade Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape

An electrical professional faces harsh conditions on the job. This can mean making splices in freezing conditions. Only premium vinyl tapes can stick quickly in very low temperatures, their adhesive remains soft and sticky. If an economy vinyl tape with low adhesive strength is used in a very hot environment; over time it will curl, become brittle and crack, compromising the electrical insulation.

Type of 3M Tape

Structural Glazing Tape
Scotchtape 35+
Temflex 1500
Scotch Super 33+
3M Scotch 23
Scotch 27
Scotch 35



3M Electrical Tapes offer long-term performance, excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and temperature performance. Their smooth unwind from the roll can provide “quick-fix” and simple solutions to electrical insulation tasks straight out the engineers pocket.

  • Remains stable and sticks in extreme heat
  • Stretches and conforms for a nice, tight seal in moist, dry, and outdoor environments
  • Strong adhesive consistently sticks in cold temperatures

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