Flashing Sheet


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Rise Above the Confusion: What is a Flashing Sheet?

A flashing sheet, made of GI or Aluminium, seals transitions between building components where a roof meets a wall, known as “flashing”

Defending Against Leaks: The Vital Role of Flashing Roof in Building Protection

GI Flashing Sheet offers weatherproof, attractive finishing for profiled clad roofs or metal roofing, sealing off edges effectively.

Why Flashing Matters (and Why You Should Too)

Proper GI flashing prevents water infiltration, a construction nightmare. A well-crafted GI flashing roof ensures everyone (builders, inspectors, property owners) involved is on the same page, leading to a water-tight and worry-free finished product.

GI or Aluminium flashing sheets, designed to match or contrast your roof’s look, include a safety welt for increased strength

Explore our GI flashing roof fortify structures against water damage, ensuring longevity and reliability in every construction project.

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