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Profile sheet is one of the most versatile, adaptable and strong roofing materials available. Profile Sheet are available in 0.50 mm and 0.90 thicknesses and profile sheet size has width 1 meter and profile sheet length can be manufactured as per customer requirement. Different and custom lengths and lots of different colors including galvanized RAL 9002 Off white, RAL 1001 Beige, RAL 3002 Carmine Red, RAL 3016 Red.

Decking Sheet available in 0.70 mm and 0.90 mm thickness in Mill Finish in commercial grade for strong roofing.

We provide all the types of basics, roofing tiles, various roofing colors and more specialist materials like galvanized corrugated roofing and box profile roofing sheet, quickly and with no fuss. For a hassle-free build, and a reliable go-to for all your roofing supplies (fixings, purlins, flashings, roof lights, insulated panels and much more), talk to Burhani Oasis Manufacturer & Suppliers in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain

Product Details

GI Profile Sheet & Aluminium Profile Sheet size comes in 0.50 mm thickness to 0.90 mm thickness as per ASTM A653 for GI & ASTM A792 for Aluminium Zinc. The coating is regular polyester in 25micron / 7micron. Single Skin profile sheet size comes in variety of length from 1 meter to 6 meters.

Corrugated Profile Sheets comes in RAL offwhite color while Polyester coated steel roof cladding sheets are available in an extensive range of colors, where choice and aesthetic appeal can be matched to environmental and performance requirements. Both types feature a light grey coating on the reverse side.

Additionally, the use of strong quality steel in a profile sheets offers the ultimate in durability, strength and longevity for your roofing and cladding projects, whether for agricultural use, commercial purposes or even for home grown garden sheds.

Different types

Profile Sheet

  • 45/150 Single Skin Profile sheets
  • 45/250 Profile
  • 35/200 Box Profile
  • 18/76 Sinusoidal Wave Sheet or S-Type sheet

GI Profile Sheet

profile sheet sinusoidal wave



Benefits of Profile Sheet

Moreover, aluminum roofing sheets are designed to combine high static characteristics with reduced weight, making them an ideal choice for various construction projects. In addition, these sheets offer the added benefit of optimizing the structure and reducing overall weight.

Aluminium Profile Sheet or Galvanised Iron Profile Sheets are highly appreciated for cladding and roofing of various residential and industrial establishments. Moreover its rich attributes such as outstanding resistance to impact, excellent strength, scratch-proof, robust construction, excellent finish, and commendable tolerance to high therefore low temperatures are great for any contractor.

Advantages of Profile sheet

  • They are inexpensive
  • Allows rapid and rational execution
  • Minimum labor required for the execution
  • Easy to dismantle for building transformations
  • Made to site measurement therefore eliminating wastage and installation complications
  • Modifications or extensions can be done at any time.

Fixing Dos

  • Do arrange for suitable dry storage.
  • Do cut with shears or snips.
  • Wear clean, flat, rubber-soled footwear.
  • Do lift sheets to the work area not drag them.
  • Strictly avoid surface abrasion by walking/rubbing/dragging etc over the coated area. Moreover it may damage the coating.

Fixing Don’ts

  • Don’t cut sheets with an abrasive disc cutter.
  • Don’t attempt to attempt to solder pre-painted steel surfaces.
  • Don’ts use lead-headed nails.
  • Don’t keep sheets bundle exposed to water/moisture

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