Sandwich Panel Insulated

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Burhani Oasis are the exporters and suppliers of Sandwich Panel used for Insulation of roof and wall, high quality  of profile sheet made of GI or Aluminium and Insulation Foam is used for manufacturing of GI panel and Corrugated Aluminium panel for roofing in Dubai.


Insulating panel systems generally consist of an insulating material between two metal sheets either GI or Aluminium therefore GI Sandwich wall Panel or Aluminium Sandwich roof panel both has its own advantages. The panels are of 0.30 mm or 0.50 mm in thickness. 

Used as coating materials in the roof, wall and internal partition or cold rooms of the buildings, sandwich panels provide a quite high level of thermal, water, sound insulation; prevent moisture condensation. In addition, they are distinguished with their bearing capacity as well. Bearing capacity of the sandwich panel depends on the density, thickness of its filling material and the form of its metal surfaces. Sandwich panel is an economical solution when assessed within the context of cost-benefit analysis.

Sandwich panel

Thickness and Size of Insulated Panel:
35/200 mm | 45/250 mm | 45/150 mm

Top & Bottom Sheet of GI Sandwich panel are of 0.30 mm or 0.50 mm
Foam Thickness : 50mm
Covering width: 1000mm

Sandwich panel

General considerations for Sandwich panel

Aluminum corrugated panels consist of an insulating material between two metal (usually steel) sheets which provide rigidity and robustness to the panel

Our high standard manufactured panel offers low-maintenance that are competitively priced for industrial sectors, warehouses, distribution and logistics centres, commercial buildings and similar. Our panels are quality-tested, making them an ideal solution for energy-efficient and insulated building structures.

Applications that utilize these corrugated aluminium panel

The lightweight corrugated aluminium panels are durable and strong for large-scale residential development projects, commercial constructions, retail facilities, hotels, schools, clinics, offices, apartment buildings and homes.

The sandwich panels in Dubai, UAE gain much preference as they are MEP friendly, fire-resistant, easy to install, compatible with other cladding materials and offer excellent thermal insulation, as low as 0.23 W/m2k.

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